Jumbline 2

The most addictive word game in the App Store.

Meet Jumbline 2, the most addictive word game in the App Store. Scramble and twist your brain to make words from jumbled lines of letters. Simply rearrange the scrambled letters into words, and underline them with your finger to score points; find and underline the largest word and you advance to the next level.

Play in a relaxing un-timed mode, or put your skills up against the clock in timed rounds.

Jumbline 2 includes two additional games: Cloud Pop and Star Tower. In Cloud Pop, your goal is to pop as many clouds as possible, by spelling words out of the letters carried in each cloud. In Star Tower, your task is to build the tallest tower you can, before it sinks into the ground, by making and staking words out of an infinitely jumbled line of letters. The larger the word, the slower your tower sinks, so scramble and twist your brain to think big!

Jumbline 2 is ideal for fans of Scrabble, Words With Friends, TextTwist, TextTwist Turbo, Text Twist 2, Word Mix, and Syrious Scramble. Play with friends and family cooperatively, or fly solo.

What fans say about Jumbline 2

So addicted! I play until my battery dies…


Our family loves word/anagram games and this one is tops!

Mr. Bill

I have 9 Word Games, and the others have been gathering virtual dust since I installed Jumbline 2.



  • Over 20,000 five, six, and seven letter puzzles
  • Brainium’s trademark underline input
  • You can also tap the letter blocks to type
  • Timed and untimed modes of play
  • Learn new words with built-in dictionary
  • Play your own music using the in game controls
  • Global and Friends leader boards
  • Fun and challenging achievements
  • Gorgeous animated themes