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We're looking for a talented and versatile graphic artist for a part-time or full-time contract collaboration who has a passion for immersive and jaw-dropping beautiful digital art. If we turn out to be a good fit for each other, there is an opportunity for a full-time salaried position.


  • At least 2-3 years of experience preferably in the game industry, but with an impressive portfolio we’re willing to chat.
  • Mastery of Adobe creative suite (especially, Photoshop and Illustrator)
  • Familiarity with Apple products (We use Macs and develop iOS software.)
  • Strong attention to detail (We’re looking for pixel-perfect designs)
  • Innovative thinking/designing
  • Ability to effectively organize, prioritize, and work on multiple projects at once
  • Ability to design assets targeted at different mobile platforms with greatly varying screen dimensions and user experiences
  • Open mind and collaborative spirit (We are a team!)
  • Experience designing UI/UX (preferably on mobile devices)
  • Admiration for minimalist design/philosophies
  • Experience designing UI/UX
  • Ability to create wireframes, mockups and storyboards
  • Graphic design expertise (typography, layout, etc)
  • Experience creating ads for web and mobile
  • Excellent sense of color and lighting
  • Passion for making interactive art


  • BA/BS degree in design/art/digital design or related field
  • Web design/dev
  • Digital illustration
  • Flash
  • Animation
  • Video editing
  • Character design
  • Version control

Duties include:

  • Design new assets for a variety of games and platforms
  • Update and upkeep of existing game assets
  • Create ads for a variety platforms and social media sites
  • Create/update wireframes, mockups and storyboards for mobile, games and interactive projects
  • Keep design files organized
  • Assist/support other members of the design staff

Send us your resume and cover letter telling us a bit about yourself, and how your work experience relates to the position.

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Software engineer

We're looking for a new Software Engineer to join our Portland team. (We're hiring in Santa Monica, CA too!) We don't crunch, and we aren't "rock stars" or "ninjas". We work carefully as a team to make great bug-free software.

Our developers work well with others, are self-motivated, and take pride in the software they develop. They continually seek a deeper understanding of their trade and the tools that they use and build better software.


  • A team player
  • Self motivation
  • A willingness to learn new methods
  • A drive to create the best software possible

Proficient in:

  • C++
  • Git
  • Android
  • iOS
  • Xcode
  • OpenGL

Send us your resume and briefly tell us about your proudest creation.

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